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More and more gardens and parks now are equipped with artificial grass. Innovative appearance, numerous varieties and multi-functionality clearly make it an alternative to natural grass. Besides, it can be used where natural grass won't grow.

Once installed, Our artificial grass requires just a minimum level of maintenance to stay in optimum condition. There is no need to MOW, FERTILISE or IRRIGATE!!! Plus, in many cases, the addition of synthetic turf to one's front lawn or back garden enhances the home's property value and aesthetic appeal.

also stock all the materials needed to complete your project including Grano Dust (sub-base), Type 1, Sharp Sand, Joining Tape, Artificial Grass Glue, Pins and Kiln Dried Sand.

Let us help you choose the perfect style and design for your perfect lawn.

Our Artificial Grass comes in 2m & 4m widths and we cut the length to your requirements to the nearest half metre.

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10 reasons to choose artificial grass over natural grass

What is artificial grass

This century has experienced tremendous transformation in technology and subsequently an even explosive growth in human complexity and needs. We have developed individual tastes and preferences ranging from the food we eat, the clothes we wear to even the way our environment looks. We want everything to fit our tastes and well, just because it makes us happier. Our dire need for aesthetic appeal has not spared our lawns. We want them beautiful, green and well-groomed all year round. But we do not control the weather. That is why we invented artificial grass a real revolution of how we design our lawns and an exact answer to our needs. In this article, I would like to take you through the benefits of artificial grass versus natural grass.

What is artificial grass

Artificial grass is also known as artificial turf, or artificial lawn is a type of grass constructed of synthetic fibers that are designed to mimic the look and feel of natural grass. Initially, manufacturers developed artificial turf for sports fields, but It has now become quite common in residential applications. It is generally used where natural grass cannot grow or in areas where natural grass is undesired but most importantly hard to maintain.

What are the benefits?

1.    It is aesthetically appealing

There is no doubt about it. Artificial grass looks beautiful, and it appears entirely green and well-groomed all the time with minimum effort.

2.    Low maintenance

It does not require expensive maintenance like natural grass. Artificial grass saves you mowing costs, watering (and hey, let us save water) time and expenses, and also the application of fertilizer. Growing a perfect natural lawn takes a lot of time, and it requires a professional landscaper for best results. Going for artificial grass saves you the time and better still you do not need exceptional skills to maintain it. You could leave your green lawn and take a vacation without having to worry about weed overgrowth back home.

3.    What you choose is what you get

You get a choice of different shades, heights, style and texture that fits your preference and also which matches the desired look of your environment. The catch here is that you choose jungle green that’s what it is. I have been frustrated time and again when I plant beautiful grass varieties, only to later turn out like something from the dry beat shrubs of Nevada. While the expected result is a lush green lawn similar to that of a five-star golf course... well you know the line between expectations and reality. It is better to settle your mind with artificial grass as what you see and envision is what you get.

4.    Ideal for all weather conditions

Artificial grass does not depend on the season; unlike natural grass, artificial grass is weatherproof and will not die out during harsh winter or dry seasons. You keep enjoying the green throughout the year, regardless of the season.

But let us talk about rainfall, most people expect that artificial grass is only good for dry areas. Here is a simple fact. Artificial grass percolates water faster than natural grass and it dries as fast. It also leaves no mud unlike natural grass. For snowy weather conditions, the water just drains off as soon as the snow melts away. Your lawn goes back to normal unlike natural grass where you now have to think about planting a new lawn after your grass has all died off from the frost.

5.    Artificial grass is pet friendly.

What animal hates a comfortable grassy play area? I guess none. Artificial grass is made for pet lovers. It is completely safe, non-allergen and toxic free. What is better is that it saves you the mess that pets can make of natural grass. It simply helps you say goodbye to ugly bare spots, holes and yellow patches. Also, artificial grass means pet waste such as urine drains straight to the ground and is even easier to clean. You will get assorted choices in the market that are specifically designed for pets such as dogs, you can create an excellent dog run in your garden using artificial grass.

6.    Artificial grass is clean, safe and thus child friendly

How hard has it become to get our kids to play outside? Well sometimes it is us as parents who are most worried about it. Most parents are yet to come to terms with the idea of kids Playing outside. It becomes a torturous moment when you have to juggle between the responsibility of watching your months old baby play in the natural grass and keeping up with in-house chores. You just can’t stand the idea of this little kid putting bugs, mud, and grass into its mouth, and it is more significant trouble for the older ones, you can always expect to scrub muddy patches all over their clothes and all over your house. When you are not worried about mud, some of these little guys will occasionally dive into a rough patch, subjecting you to painful moments of bandaging a bruise or two. Who wants to deal with that every day? Not many of us.

Parents are between letting children enjoy growing outdoors or keeping them ‘safe’ inside. This is not an obvious choice that we would make as loving parents. Then here comes artificial grass. It gives you the peace of mind as you know your kids are free to roll on the backyard lawn for as long as they want without getting hurt or dirty. It is one big reason why I would go for artificial over natural grass. It is easy to clean, does not tear so any rough patches and rocks to glaze your hyperactive son’s knees becomes the least of your worries. Of utmost importance, the overall health and wellbeing of your kids is not something you will have to worry about.

7.    No grass burns

Grass burns do not care about your age. We have all suffered under the wrath of its itch on one time or another. It is especially worse for kids with serious allergies. Artificial grass gives you the freedom to roll for hours and drive yourself crazy without having to worry about skin rashes from grass burns. This is especially important for young families who would love to spend fun playtime in the garden.

8.    Ideal for ‘vigorous’ play

Talk of football or even little rugby matches with your family, or even in a school playground. Artificial grass is indestructible. It assures you and your family endless playtime without damage to your playground unlike with natural grass where you have to keep them off the grass for weeks to give it time to regrow worn patches. Better still to further assure you peace of mind, most artificial grass products come with guarantees against damage of much as 10 years!

9.    Long-term investment

This is an ideal investment for your lawn. Apart from the initial relatively high cost of installation, you actually spend little to no money for the coming years. On the other hand, you would be paying a ton of cash and time lost maintaining a natural lawn, on top of the constant embarrassment of dried out patches that you will have to stand. Going for artificial grass is saving your money in the long term.  We also believe it will add value to your property.

10.    Environmentally friendly

Artificial grass has no negative externalities thus it is ecologically friendly. Apart from that it saves a lot of water. Research has it that natural grass requires more than 50 gallons of water per square foot per annum, that is actually more than 40000 gallons of water for an average 750 square foot lawn! Imagine the amount of water you can save using artificial grass in 10 years? You would be proud of yourself. You will be helping our planet at the same time enjoying your stay in it.


Most people who have tried to cope with natural grass will attest to this, natural grass is only ideal for lawns with minimum human activity. If you are to maintain its beauty, it calls for hours of articulate mowing and sometimes erecting those annoying “keep off the grass” signs in public spaces. Artificial grass is an excellent option for those who are tired of limitations and want beauty and freedom and fun at the same time. Allow yourself, family and pets to roll in the grass without a fuss. Artificial grass is the way to roll.

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