We offer open storage for caravans and motorhomes on 90% hard standing ground.  Our storage containers are standard 20ft x 8ft x 8ft and are clean and dry with no leaks. 

There are no contracts but do ask a minimum of 3 months storage for both caravans & containers.

We currently charge £65.00 per calendar month for caravan and motorhome storage & $151.67 for container storage, paid by direct debit


Our opening times for our storage facilities are during our normal nursery opening hours:

Monday to Friday - 09.00 to 17.00

Saturdays - 09.00 to 16.00

We are closed on Sundays


Please note:  We do not store trailers of any kind, cars, vans, mini buses, burger vans or boats.  The Maximum length we can take is 7.5m x 2.2m total shipping length.

The following terms and conditions apply to Caravan & Motorhome Storage at Gorse Hill Nursery:




Nothing in the Storage Agreement will reduce your statutory rights relating to faulty or misdescribed goods. For further information about your statutory rights contact your local authority Trading Standards Department.




2.1 The Caravan/Motorhome Owner undertakes, at his/her own expense to insure and keep insured the caravan with a member of the Association of British Insurers against loss or damage by Fire, Storm, Theft, Flood, Damage and liability of not less that £1M to third parties and such other risks as the Storage Owners may from time to time reasonably require and to produce to the storage owner upon request the policy of insurance and such evidence as the storage owner may reasonably require to ensure the policy is valid and will continue to be valid throughout the period of this Agreement.


2.2 The Caravan/Motorhome Owner shall not do or suffer or permit to be done any act or thing which shall or may render any increased or extra premiums payable for the Storage Owner’s third party insurance or which may make void or voidable any policy of such insurance.

2.3      To indemnify the Storage Owner and keep the Storage Owner indemnified from and against all actions, proceedings and claims by third parties in respect of any loss or damage or liability caused by or arising out of any willful neglect or default of the Caravan/Motorhome Owner and any other person authorized by the Caravan/Motorhome Owner.




3.1      The Storage Owner will take reasonable precautions to protect the caravan/motorhome from loss or damage while stored on the storage site but  shall not be liable for loss or damage which may occur.

         3.2      The Storage Owner excludes all liability caused by vermin infestation.




  1. 4.1  The Storage Owner will not permit the removal of the caravan from the Storage Area by anyone other than the Caravan Owner except on the prior written authority of the Owner to a person carrying such written authority, and bearing the original signature of the Caravan Owner.




5.1 The Caravan/Motorhome Owner shall be responsible for properly securing the caravan/motorhome as provided for by the manufacturer, and to immobilise the caravan/motorhome against theft by use of any or all proprietary anti-theft measures.

5.2 No explosive or other inflammable substance or material may remain in the caravan/motorhome whilst it is unoccupied, with the exception that up to a maximum of two gas cylinders of a proprietary brand and suitable for use with the caravan/motorhome may be left, disconnected, inside the caravan/motorhome. Should any such substances or materials be discovered, they may be disposed of as the Storage Owners see fit, and the Caravan Owner shall not be entitled to any compensation resulting from this action.

5.3 The Storage Area is NOT a holiday and touring caravan/motorhome site, and as such the Caravan/Motorhome Owner shall not make any alterations to the Area or storage pitches such as, but not limited to, fences or flowerbeds. No objects shall be left on or around the caravan pitch when the caravan/motorhome is unoccupied which would hinder maintenance of the area.  Caravans/Motorhomes must be kept clean and tidy at all times.

5.4 The maximum length of caravan/motorhome allowed to occupy a pitch is 24 feet or 7.3 metres. All caravans/motorhomes must be of standard touring caravan/motorhome build and shape.  The Storage Owner reserves the right to refuse the Caravan/Motorhome Owner permission to bring any caravan/motorhome onto the site that is not within keeping with the rest of the Storage Area.

5.5 All chemical waste from caravan/motorhome toilets must be NOT be disposed of anywhere on the Storage site. Any Caravan/Motorhome Owner (or authorised person using their caravan/motorhome) found to be emptying this waste anywhere on site, including any drains will have this agreement terminated immediately. The Caravan/Motorhome Owner will also incur an £800 + vat ground contamination clean up fee.

5.6 All grey waste must be disposed of before storing the caravan/motorhome and must not be discharged into the ground.

5.7 Disposal of awnings, gazebos, BBQ’s, carpets, tables, chairs and other furniture, domestic appliances and other large items will incur a charge of £20 per item.

5.8 Any storm or accidental damage which the caravan suffers during the Agreement period must be promptly repaired by the caravan/motorhome owner.

5.10 All personal effects and valuables must be removed from the Caravan/Motorhome when in storage.

5.11 The caravan/motorhome owner agrees to comply with the following behaviour standards:

  1. Not to be a nuisance to other users of the Storage Area or anyone at Gorse Hill Nursery (including their customers) or any members of your party to do so.
  2. To act towards us and our staff in a reasonable, courteous and considerate manner.
  3. To supervise children so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others.
  4. Not to use the Caravan/Motorhome or the Storage Area for any criminal or anti-social activity.
  5. Not to carry or have at the Caravan/Motorhome any firearm or weapon.
  6. Not to create any unreasonable noise or disturbance.
  7. Not to light a fire, burn wood or cause any area of the Storage Area to be scolded or burned (including any grass).
  8. Not to move vehicles on the Storage Area whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  9. To keep dogs on leads at all times and to clear any mess left by their pets.


In the event that the caravan/motorhome owner fails to comply with any of the above, the Storage Owners reserve the right to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect.


For the avoidance of doubt any storage customer seen to be allowing their dog to foul the site without cleaning it up will be asked to leave and their contact terminated immediately for breach of contract.




The Caravan/Motorhome Owner is not permitted to assign this Agreement which means that the Caravan/Motorhome may not be sold with any entitlement for it to be stationed on the Storage Area without strict consent from the Storage Owner.




The Caravan/Motorhome Owner is not entitled to Sub-Let out the Storage Space to third parties but must occupy it for their own use only.




Payment is due by the payment date which for the avoidance of doubt for monthly storage fees is the first day of the month to which the payment relates. The Storage Owners reserve the right to charge interest at the maximum legal rate on any overdue amounts. In the event that storage fees are more than one month in arrears access will be suspended and in the event that storage fees are more than two months in arrears and upon 7 days prior notice, the Storage Owners reserve the right to terminate this Agreement.




The Storage site is what it is, Storage Only, no persons (or their pets) shall be permitted to stay in the caravan overnight while the caravan is stationed on the Storage Area




10.1 The Storage Agreement shall run for a period of 12 months commencing upon the first payment. (the “Agreement Period”).

10.2 This Storage Agreement may be terminated by the Caravan/Motorhome Owner giving to the Storage Owners not less than 60 days notice of termination in writing and paying to the Storage Owner all sums due to him up to and including the expiry of the period of notice. Where termination takes place before 60 days notice is given, no refunds of storage fees will be given.  Any remainder of storage fees after the 60 days notice will be refunded via the source it was paid at our discretion.

10.3 Payment of all charges incurred in the Storage Agreement must have been cleared before the caravan/motorhome is removed from the site and the Storage Owner retains a lien on the caravan/motorhome for any unpaid accounts.

10.4 If the Caravan/Motorhome Owner shall be in breach of the terms of the Storage Agreement or removed the caravan/motorhome from the Storage Site, the Storage Owner shall be entitled to give the Caravan/Motorhome Owner 30 days notice in writing of termination of this agreement and upon the expiration of the said period the Storage Agreement shall be terminated.

10.5 The Caravan/Motorhome Owner recognises that the Storage Owners do not have a facility to dispose of unwanted caravans/motorhomes and as such incur commercial disposal charges. If the Caravan/Motorhome Owner shall fail to remove the caravan on or before termination of the Agreement by the Storage Owner, the Caravan/Motorhome Owner will incur a £500 disposal fee in addition to any other amounts due. The Storage Owner, at his discretion, is authorised to sell the caravan/motorhome and it’s contents in such manner as he sees fit and deduct from the proceeds of the sale the £500 disposal fee and any other amount due to the Storage Owner under this agreement or otherwise. At his option or in the event that the sale of the caravan does not cover the disposal fee and any other amount due, the Storage Owner shall use all legal avenues to recover both the disposal fee and any other amount due. In the event that other items are left on the Site, the Caravan/Motorhome Owner shall incur a charge of £30 per item for their removal.

10.6 Notices shall be served upon the parties at the address provided or other address in the United Kingdom as may be notified in writing for the purpose.


By signing these Terms & Conditions, you confirm you have read, understood & agree to these Terms & Conditions.

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